Energía Aljaval

Energía Aljaval is a Spanish company with international active presence.  We rely on a large team of professionals who have developed their careers in major companies within the renewable energy industry.  Whithin the last five years of professional activity we have consolidated our three main lines of business, i.e. Project Development, Engineering and PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) negotiation for various technologies such as Photovoltaic Solar Power ground mounted and roofs-top, Wind Power, Co-generation and Biomass..

In the case of PV projects these two lines of business shall be added also carrying out the EPC and O&M.

In addition, taking advantage of the extensive experience of its professional team in its main lines of business, Energía Aljaval has begun a new journey in the world of Smart Grids, proposing to bring electricity supply to isolated communities and improve the quality of it through the optimization of energy distribution.


Our team has working expertise on 4 continents. Altogether we have developed, designed, constructed, operated and managed over 600 MW of renewable energies.



Developing more than 2,000 MW of PV power

We are currently develop in over 30 photovoltaic solar power projects in Mexico, which together add up to over 1,500 MW always operating with local partners

Last news

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