Two projects developed by Energía Aljaval have been preliminary awarded by the Energy Secretary in the third long-term Energy Auction in Mexico

The Energy Secretary (SENER) published on November 22th the definitive results of the evaluation process based on the Economical Offers submitted by the participants in the Third Long-Term Auction. The average Price for clean energy has been established around US Dollars 20.57, what is representing one of the lower prices worldwide.

Within the awarded projects has been included two big projects developed by Energia Aljaval. 125MW PV project located in Sonora State and 104MW PV project located in Zacatecas State, these projects would be signing in the upcoming months a PPA with Comision Federal de la Electricidad (CFE) for selling the energy produced during the next 15 years and the Energy Clean Cetificates for the next 20 years.

There have been a lot of companies participating and at the end there were 46 companies that submitted the economical offer. At the end it has been selected 16 projects, of which 11 are solar PV projects.

The target provided from SENER was achieved reaching between all the offers the next figures for each year:

  • 5.49 millions of MWh, energy
  • 5.95 millions of Green Energy Certificates (GECs), and
  • 593 MW-year of Power.

That is fulfilling within 90.2% of the Energy purchasing offer, 97.8% of the GECs purchasing offer and 41.9% of the Power purchasing offer.

Regarding the awarded projects, 55.35% of the Energy and 58.31% of the GECs would be provided by solar PV projects. That means that the projects developed by Energía Aljaval are representing about a 14% with regards of the awarded solar projects in this Mexican tender. The rest of the energy and GECs would be provided through wind projects.

The awarded projects add a combined capacity of 2,562 MW, what means 15 new power plants awarded in this tender and with an approximate investment of 2,369 Millions of USD in the next 3 years.

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La SENER y el CENACE presentaron las Bases de Licitación de la Tercera Subasta Eléctrica de Largo Plazo

Con la Tercera Subasta Eléctrica se podría triplicar la generación de electricidad con fuentes más amigables con el medio ambiente y aprovechar el amplio potencial y recursos renovables con los que cuenta nuestro país. Asimismo, continuar con la tendencia de costos bajos y acelerar la transición hacia una matriz energética más diversificada, señaló el Secretario de Energía, Licenciado Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, en la presentación de las Bases de Licitación de la Tercera Subasta Eléctrica de Largo Plazo.

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México: Engie logra 157 MW solares en segunda subasta de energías limpias, PV Magazine

La empresa energética Engie se adjudicó un proyecto solar y otro eólico en la segunda subasta de energías limpias cuyos ganadores definitivos se anunciaron esta semana en México, según informó en un comunicado.

En el marco de esta adjudicación, la empresa realizará el proyecto fotovoltaico Trompezón, de 157 megavatios, en el estado de Aguascalientes, en el centro de México. El inicio de las obras se prevé a principios de 2018 y la puesta en servicio se ha previsto en 2019.

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Solar PV in Africa

The business case for PV in Africa is stronger than ever thanks to rapidly declining technology costs, according to a new report released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). »Solar PV in Africa: Costs and Markets«, estimates that installed costs for power generated by utility-scale solar PV projects in Africa have decreased as much as 61% since 2012. Today, installed costs for these projects are as low as $1.30 per watt in Africa, compared to the global average of $1.80 per watt. »In recent years, solar PV costs have dropped dramatically and will continue to do so with further declines of up to 59 per cent possible in the next ten years,« said IRENA Director-General Adnan Z. Amin.

Global capacity additions for solar PV have increased six-fold since 2009, a trend that is now beginning to materialize in Africa. More than 800 new MW of solar PV capacity was added in Africa in 2014 – doubling the continents cumulative capacity – and another 750 MW was added in 2015, finds the report. IRENA estimates that with the right enabling policies, Africa could be home to more than 70 GW of solar PV capacity by 2030.

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Adjudican PPA a dos proyectos desarrollados por Aljaval, según los resultados preliminares publicados por la Secretaría de Energía de México

La Secretaría de Energía ha anunciado los resultados preliminares del proceso de evaluación de Ofertas Económicas presentadas para la segunda subasta eléctrica de largo plazo, con precios altamente competitivos.

En el listado publicado se encuentran dos grandes proyectos desarrollados por Energía Aljaval en la actualidad, por lo que si se confirma en el fallo, les serán adjudicados Contratos de Cobertura Eléctrica a firmar con la Comisión Federal de Electricidad, que asegurará la venta de la energía eléctrica producida por las plantas durante 15 años, así como la venta de Certificados de Energías Limpias durante 20 años.

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Argentina Clean-Power Auction Attracts Proposals for 6 Gigawatts

Renewable energy developers in Argentina applied to sell 6,366 megawatts of power in an October auction, more than six times the amount the government plans to sell.

Wind farms accounted for more than half, or 3,478 megawatts of capacity, according to Sebastian Kind, undersecretary for renewable energy at the Argentina’s Energy Ministry. Solar projects represented 2,834 megawatts, while biogas and biomas each had 53 megawatts.

“I’ve never expected 6,000 megawatts,” Energy Minister Juan Jose Aranguren told reporters in Buenos Aires on Monday. “The first round of our program meets our goal to diversify the energy mix, having new energy costs so that we have enough to power the country’s development, and to reduce the impact of these activities on climate change.”.

President Mauricio Macri has made renewable energy development one of his government’s main priorities since taking office in December by establishing new regulations and organizing auctions. The government expects to attract…

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France to announce tender for 3 GW of PV power plants, PHOTON

French Energy Ministry plans a bidding procedure for 3,000 MW of PV power facilities. Minister Segolene Royal is looking for six tenders with 500 MW of capacity each. The PV facilities of a capacity of 0.5 MW to 17 MW will be built between 2017 and 2020.

The country wants to increase solar power capacity from 6.7 GW to 10.2 GW by 2018 and to 20.2 GW by 2023.

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Aljaval, presente en la siguiente subasta de México con 800 MW precalificados

El pasado 4 de Julio de 2016, la CFE publicó su Oferta de Compra para la Segunda Subasta de Largo Plazo en México, la cual se resumen en: 1.483 MW de Potencia al año en el Sistema Interconectado Nacional, con un precio anual máximo de $ 1.688.706 MXN / MW; 10.629.911 MWh de Energía al año con un precio anual máximo de $ 750,54 MXN / MWh; y 10.629.911 Certificados de Energías Limpias (CELs), con un precio anual máximo de $ 375,27 MXN / CEL. Esta Oferta representa un incremento de volumen de más del 30 % con respecto a la Primera Subasta, lo que equivale a unos 3.500 MW de proyectos de generación con fuentes de energía renovables.

Energía Aljaval ha participado en la precalificación de aproximadamente 800 MW de proyectos fotovoltaicos propios para esta Segunda Subasta, que están siendo desarrollados junto con diferentes socios locales. Esto también supone un incremento de volumen respecto a la participación que tuvo en la Primera Subasta, en la cual participó con aproximadamente 650 MW.

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Chile energy power tender results

The Chilean government unveiled the results of its latest power tender to supply 12,430 GWh to regulated customers starting in 2021. 

The average winning price was US$ 47,6 per megawatt hour (MWh). It is the lowest price since tenders started a decade ago. It is also 40% below the average price of US$ 79,3 reached in 2015 and 66% below the average price of US$130/MWh reached in 2013.

Following this tender, the government estimated energy bills will go down by 20% from 2021. 

The tender received 84 bids, adding up 85,000GWh a year, almost seven times more than the 12,430 GWh auctioned by…

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IHS Markit Names Trina Solar, SunPower, First Solar, Hanwha Q-cells and Jinko Solar as Leaders in PV Module Supplier Scorecard 2016

In a new scorecard reviewing the solar photovoltaic (PV) module sector, Trina Solar, SunPower, First Solar, Hanwha Q-cells and Jinko Solar were all identified as this year’s industry leaders. Each of these companies garnered above average scores for both market presence and market momentum, according to the ranking from IHS Markit (Nasdaq: INFO), a global business information provider.

“IHS Markit evaluated the largest module suppliers based on nine different metrics to arrive at the overall scores,” said Edurne Zoco, senior manager, solar research at IHS Technology. “This scorecard takes into account a company’s current market and financial position, as well as its potential to cope with the next wave of challenges faced by the solar industry.”

According to the 2016 IHS Markit PV Module Supplier Scorecard, Trina Solar scored highest in market presence, receiving high scores in nearly all categories due to its leading global market share, completeness of its product offering, strong position in all major regions and brand perception…

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