Scope of action

Energía Aljaval develops its projects under five lines of action mainly on which they are given support most customer needs. Renewable Energies are the umbrella under which those lines of action are developed.

Wind Power

Our team has  developed 119 MW of wind power plants.  In 2016 we e have started to develop wind power projects in Morocco and Mexico.

Smart Grids

Energía Aljaval, taking advantage of the extensive experience of its professional team and partners in its main lines of business, is involved in the world of Smart Grids, bringing electricity supply to isolated communities and getting better the quality of it through the optimization of energy distribution.


At Energía Aljaval we also develop renewable energy projects based on the use of biomass (it may be from forests, livestock farms, waste from agro-food products, etc.).

Electrical production using biomass has an enormous development potential in many countries of the world, together with other significant benefits such as the creation of employment, development of the rural areas and contribution to improve the environment.

PV Ground Mounted

Energía Aljaval currently develops over 50 utility-scale ground mounted PV projects in several countries together with various local partners, adding deployed power in excess of 5,000 MW.  400 MW of these projects have already attained the Ready To Build status.

PV Roof-Top

With regard to the PV roof-top projects, we offer our services through our four lines of business: Project Development, PPA negotiation, EPC and O&M. We are currently working on several projects in various countries ranging from 100 kW to 4 MW.


Energía Aljaval’s Engineering Department has the capacity to design the best and most efficient solutions for industrial clients, where their own electricity and thermal power production processes may become crucial components, to increase the competitiveness of the company.  Additionally to this improvement, CO2 emissions will be reduced; there will be a lesser use of water and greater reliability and stability of the electrical system.  Aljaval is capable of developing your co-generation turnkey projects.

Potential clients with whom we may work in this sector are industrial entrepreneurs of the paper, agricultural food products, textile and drug industries, as well as other manufacturers with high consumption of electricity and thermal power for their processes.


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