Brazil’s looming renewable auction sparks another PV bidding avalanche

The solar industry’s appetite for Brazilian auctions appears to remain undimmed in the new decade, with nearly 30GW in PV bids coming forward for the next renewable tender.

Figures released on Tuesday by energy regulator EPE show PV firms have put forward 794 projects, a 28.66GW pipeline all in all, as they tabled bids for the so-called A-4 renewable tender.

The technology-neutral auction of 28 May 2020 – where PV competes against other renewables for government PPAs – attracted bids of 51GW-plus across all green energy technologies.

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Czechia wants another 1.9 GW of solar by 2030

Czechia’s deputy prime minister and minister of industry and trade, Karel Havlicek, has announced the country’s renewable energy target has been raised from 20.8% to 22%. Clean energy supplies 15.6% of the nation’s electricity.

Havlicek said solar power would be expected to contribute 1.9 GW of new generation capacity by 2030. Czechia had around 2,080 MW of solar installed at the end of 2019 but of that figure, only 7 MW was added last year and only around 30 MW in the last five years.

The authorities have not spelled out how the raised renewables target could be achieved or whether solar would continue to be excluded from renewable energy capacity auctions.

Ignored potential

“The new targets are certainly a success given that a year ago the Czech ministry did not want to see any significant growth of PV other than a few megawatts in residential PV annually,” Czech trade body Solární Asociace told pv magazine in a statement. “The target, however, still falls short of the technical and economic potential, which could be much higher, between 3 GW and 9 GW until 2030.”

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Poland tops 1.3 GW of PV capacity

Poland’s grid operator, Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A. (PSE), announced on Twitter on Monday that the country had reached 1.3 GW of cumulative installed PV capacity by the end of 2019.

In the message, written in Polish, PSE said that the country’s total installed PV capacity had reached 1299.6 MW by the end of December, up 175.7% year on year.

By the end of September, the country’s cumulative solar capacity still stood at just 1,007.2 MW, according to PSE. That means that around 293 MW were deployed in Poland in the fourth quarter alone. That exceeds the outlook of the government, which said at the time that it expected around 60 MW of new capacity per month throughout the remainder of 2019, to bring Poland’s cumulative capacity to roughly 1.2 GW by the end of December.

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Seis proyectos desarrollados por Energía Aljaval entraron en operación en México durante 2019

Seis proyectos desarrollados por ENERGÍA ALJAVAL, que totalizan 430 MW de capacidad instalada, entraron en operación durante el pasado 2019. Dichos proyectos están ubicados en los municipios de Ahumada, en el Estado de Chihuahua, y en los Municipios de Aguascalientes y Tepezalá, en el Estado de Aguascalientes.

Además de estos proyectos, se han iniciado recientemente en México las obras de otros dos proyectos desarrollados por la compañía, de 104 MW y 125 MW de capacidad instalada y ubicados en los Estados de Zacatecas y Sonora respectivamente, y que entrarán en operación comercial a finales de 2020.

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Europe ‘fully embracing’ solar with 11GW deployed in 2018

The whole of Europe connected 11GW of solar PV in 2018, up 20% year-on-year from 9.2GW in 2017, according to estimates from trade association SolarPower Europe.

Meanwhile, the European Union deployed roughly 8GW of solar PV in 2018, up an impressive 36% from the 5.9GW installed in the prior year.

Walburga Hemetsberger, CEO of SolarPower Europe, said: “It is good to see Europe fully embracing solar again. With solar being the most popular energy source among EU citizens, the most versatile and often also the lowest cost power generation source, and with cost reductions continuing, we are only at the beginning of a long upward trend for solar in Europe.”

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Aljaval, presente en la siguiente subasta de México con 600 MW precalificados

El pasado 6 de agosto de 2018, CENACE publicó las Ofertas de Compra aceptadas para la Cuarta Subasta de Largo Plazo en México, las cuales se resumen en: 1.679 MW de Potencia al año en el Sistema Interconectado Nacional, con un precio anual máximo de $ 930.000 MXN / MW; 5.908 GWh de Energía al año con un precio anual máximo de $ 750 MXN / MWh; y 5.908.000 Certificados de Energías Limpias (CELs), con un precio anual máximo de $ 367 MXN / CEL. 

Energía Aljaval ha participado en la precalificación de aproximadamente 600 MW de proyectos fotovoltaicos propios para esta Cuarta Subasta, que están siendo desarrollados junto con socios españoles y locales.

El próximo 18 de diciembre de 2018 es la fecha límite para que se dé a conocer el Fallo de la Subasta y se lleve a cabo la Asignación de los Contratos.

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Reaction to Europe ending MIP on Chinese solar imports

With Europe to end the Minimum Import Prices (MIPs) on Chinese imports of solar cells and modules today, following a European Commission announcement late last week, PV Tech has gathered responses from the industry:

Marc Rechter, co-founder of integrated solar energy consortium, Solar Synergy Group, supplied this analysis to PV Tech:

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Dos proyectos desarrollados por Energía Aljaval entran en operación en México

Dos proyectos desarrollados por ENERGÍA ALJAVAL, de 33 MW de capacidad instalada cada uno, entraron en operación en el primer trimestre de 2018. Dichos proyectos están ubicados en los municipios de Camargo y Jiménez, en el Estado de Chihuahua. 

Cada proyecto ocupa 100 hectáreas de superficie, con 100.000 módulos solares fotovoltaicos de 330 vatios pico instalados con tecnología de seguidor solar a un eje horizontal. Ahorrarán por cada año la emisión de 76.279,74 toneladas de CO2 a la atmósfera, lo que supone una equivalencia a evitar la tala de 300.000 árboles, y generará unos 72 gigavatios hora anuales, lo que supone electricidad para abastecer a 35.000 hogares. 

Además de estos dos proyectos, se han iniciado recientemente en México las obras de otros seis proyectos desarrollados por la compañía, que totalizan 400 MW de capacidad instalada.

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Energía Aljaval inaugura nuevas oficinas

Energía Aljaval ha inaugurado sus nuevas instalaciones en la ciudad cordobesa, trasladando su sede social en España a unas nuevas oficinas de mayor tamaño y mejor ubicación, lo que supone un nuevo paso en el plan de crecimiento de la empresa.

La nueva sede se sitúa en el conocido barrio de El Brillante, en Córdoba, en un espacio de más de 500 metros cuadrados construidos y más de 1.000 metros cuadrados de zonas ajardinadas.

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Cutting finance costs could double size of global PV market, says LONGi

Lowering the cost of finance could lead to dramatic reductions in the levelised cost of energy (LCOE) of solar, according to LONGi Solar.

Speaking to PV Tech, VP of overseas marketing at LONGi, Max Xia said the entire value chain had work to do to trim down the LCOE but the most substantial gains could be achieved by slashing interest rates.

“The final important piece of the puzzle is reducing the cost of finance,” said Xia. “We need support from development banks. If we could drive down interest rates from 8% to 1% or 2% we believe the LCOE could fall by as much as 50%. The Chinese government is looking to do more work on reducing the financial costs of LCOE as well as grid costs and land costs.”

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